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Miike Snow

Burial (Benny
Blanco Remix
Feat. Neon Hitch)

Miike Snow's sweet, melancholy "Burial" gets a whole new life when Benny Blanco adds up-and-coming British MC Neon Hitch.

Jack Penate

Tonight's Today

This British crooner channels the Caribbean more than Covent Garden on this song—there might even be a hint of steel drum in there.

Foreign Born


They ain't foreign—just from California—but this LA four-piece's laidback sound has already found a fan in Grizzly Bear, and that's a good fan to have.


Coast of

What happens if you get Telekinesis and Telepathe in the same room? We can only hope to find out someday. Until then, a song for crystalline early mornings.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Young Adult

Adolescence is about love and about angst. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is about when the two go together.

Lissy Trullie

Boy Boy

This red-headed wisp is NYC's resident androgynous it-girl. You've seen her everywhere, and now with the release of her debut EP, you can hear her everywhere too.

White Rabbits

Percussion Gun

This Brooklyn six-piece will soon release their second album, It's Frightening. But, as evidenced by the laughter at the opening of this track, it's not that bad.

Mos Def

Quiet Dog

Sometimes you want to hear new artists. Sometimes you just want to hear legends. Mos Def has a new home on Downtown, and this flow will never get old.

The Whip


Only a band from Manchester could make dark, gloomy big sounds that still make you want to dance.

The Golden Filter

Solid Gold

You though disco was dead? What'd you think this was, 1984? Nu-uh. This is 2009, baby, and the Golden Filter wants you to break out the Halston and hot pants.


Leader of
the Pack

Born and raised in Stockholm, Mapei sounds like a grimy Missy Elliot with the aggression and flow of MC Lyte. Once again, Sweden holds it down.

Little Boots

Stuck on Repeat

The title of this song is more like a prediction: Little Boot's glittery sound is addicting and you're just going to want more, more, more...

Prefuse 73

Kids Choir

So good and blippy it could be the soundtrack to video game about happy bunnies.

Dan Deacon

Red F

Judging from the brain-shattering frenetic composition of this song, Dan Deacon is clearly OCD, but the good, genius kind, not the kind that makes you lick lightswitches.

The Vaselines

Son of a Gun

Kurt Cobain once described the Vaselines as his "favorite songwriters of all time." What more convincing do you need?


No Hope Kids

Fuzzy noise pop from San Diego—what the Beach Boys might have made if they listened to hip-hop and rode skateboards.

Tiny Masters of Today


You know what's awesome? Sheet-cake Wednesdays. You know what else is awesome? These kids: brother and sister Ivan, 15, and Ada, 13.

Crystal Stilts


Crystal Stilts are one of the most buzzed-about bands in Brooklyn. And that says a lot, because Brooklyn's like the band capital of the world, or something.

Sleepy Sun

New Age

Close your eyes and smell the incense. Venus is in your house tonight.

Beach House

Used to Be

This Baltimore-based duo make hazy melodies that evoke the pleasures of sleeping all day and staying up all night.


It Gets Your
Body Movin'

Wait for it, wait for it... after that melodic whistle, it sure as hell does.